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50,000 horses are bred for racing in the US every year - more than half are slaughtered before they are 10 years old

All horses are abused in racing - from the moment they are “broken” for riding before they are two years old, through every aspect of their lives on the racetrack being designed to increase their profits with little to no regard for their well-being, to the end of their lives at the slaughterhouse, no racehorse escapes the track unscathed.

Who We Are

We are a group of horse advocates and residents of the Bay Area who oppose the abuse of horses in racing. Founded in 2022, our team had previously spent several years advocating for horses used in racing before coalescing into Stop Blood Sports, Bay Area Chapter.
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Current campaign

Shut Down Golden Gate Fields

Our current campaign focuses on Golden Gate Fields, a horse racing track in Albany and Berkeley. Owned by the Stronach Group, a family of billionaires who also own Santa Anita Racetrack, Golden Gate Fields is one of the most deadly racetracks in the state.
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